Reason and take a good step of leaving.

Is not every body that sleep like frog but some sleep are meaningful and nice.

My sleeping not just sleeping but is my time to think and have an effective reasoning.

Sleeping time is the best time for reasoning.

Time! Time!! Time!!!

Time is needed in life but time can’t tell you what you want.

Time can’t tell you your feature, can’t also tell you where you are going or determine your destiney but time give you a guild to your daily life, to enable your succession. Because you can’t bring back time but time move forward it self.

Time is a guild to your life, time makes you realase your present time.

Read your books and be smart for being educated is not wisdom.

You can have all the papers in the word but u dont have wisdom. We work heard to be a strong and verbrate person in the society to an extended that we will sale all what we have to go to school and at end we will be that great person that we dream of being but we omits one thing because with out that we are nothing. our degrees will be useless in the present of your fellow friends or potential schoolers and it will be a chame to you and to your personality . we need word of wisdom from our elderly ones, teacher, fathers professor and a lot more .

Be educated and have wisdom so that you can defined your self among your pears and your unexpected groups which you may find your self . read to know and have wisdom to use in making use of what you read because wisdom is natural from God. Ask from him he will give it to you ( Matthew 7:7 ) say some thing about asking so ask.

Read to know and use your wisdom to Handel what you have read.

What should I gain from not being with my fellow potential managers?

Life is simple when you are contented with what you have because with what you have you are happy so with my friends am happy all day.

Am not a troublesome one, am a humbl person well trained, i obey my elderly one and listen to advise, and have a God fearing mind, and ability of working effectively and honest in the society were I find my self and well dedicated to work and to the society.

hardworking, sincerety, and kindness makes up my personality.

Am a manager with the qulification of National Diploma (ND) went to kensaro wiw Ploythecnic Bori Ogoni in Nigeria.

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